If you think internal doors are a home-design-afterthought, it's time to get acquainted with the statement-making appeal of Door Giant's striking range of black interior doors. Our elegant and unmistakably timeless black interior doors are more than just a fashion statement or part of a short-lived design fad. They can, in fact, completely transform your home while accentuating certain design elements in both modern and traditional abodes alike.

Black interior doors have the power to elevate the look of any house, flat or apartment, adding a dramatic, bold and exciting twist to your living room, bedroom or similarly suitable space. These deep, black, blocks of colour can also be impeccably adapted to your individual style of home; making existing colour palettes stand out, breaking up the look of overly white 'voids of colour' or shaking up single tone rooms and giving a whole new interior design personality to your favourite indoor spaces.

When it comes to black interior doors, you'll be adding not just an eye-catching aesthetic but a pivotal design element that has the ability to shape and re-shape new and existing interior styles.

In our latest blog, Door Giant will explore the key reasons why you need to choose black interior doors for your next project, along with a selection of unique door designs to suit your home, from trusted brands including LPD Doors and JB Kind. So if there's any doubt, we can assure you that black was, and definitely still is, the new black.

#1. Creates An Impact

If your indoor space has a neutral colour scheme, or simply a more demure look in need of an injection of colour, you can make these spaces come alive with a black interior door. White furniture, pastel wall art and subdued decor will pop when used in contrast with a black interior door. These doors can also create the appearance of space, depth and detail by drawing the eye and breaking up colour.

If your walls looks particularly washed out or the room itself is overpowered by a predominantly white colour scheme, adding in some monochromatic qualities can infuse a sense of style, luxury and understated elegance without having to completely redesign a room. This makes black doors an affordable and low maintenance interior design staple for your next project.

#2. Hides Wear & Tear

If you've got children or pets, you'll know how quickly white doors show up scratches, dirt and mucky paw prints. It can be very time consuming to restore white doors to their immaculate original state - and this is where black doors come in. The deep, rich colour will do well to hide an awful lot, from fingerprints to scuff marks and everything in between. Whereas white door owners will be obsessing about deep scores and scratches, you'll be able to easily clean up your black doors, making almost all imperfections utterly unnoticeable in the process.

#3. Enhances The Look Of Door Handles & Hardware

Whether you've got classic brass door handles or sleek satin levers, your door handles and hardware will look dazzling against the dramatic dark surrounds of our black interior doors. Over the years, we've become inured to white doors and glossy handles, but simply inverting the colour scheme effortlessly transforms the stylish appeal of your door hardware.

Whether you're seduced by the traditional gleam of solid brass or the modern simplicity of chrome, these hardware finishes will be sure to sparkle in any home interior. For instant class and a stand-out sense of luxury, we recommend opting for a black door backdrop to give your home a lavish new look.

#4. A Multitude Of Styles To Choose From...

At Door Giant, we offer a selection of black interior doors with classic panels, modern grooves and even urban-industrial textures to level-up your latest project.

LPD Vancouver 5 Panel Pre-Finished Charcoal Black Internal Door

One of our most popular black internal doors. The LPD Vancouver is a stylish and modern choice with subtle panel detail and an attractive wood grain texture to add a hint of organic appeal to your interior. This door would look great with matching charcoal grey door hardware in a matte finish to suit any contemporary abode.

LPD Amsterdam 3 Panel Primed Black Internal Door

The Amsterdam is bursting with sophisticated charm to suit any traditional home, classic apartment or similarly elegant or ornate interior. It features a beautiful 3-panel style that will compliment any detailed architrave or moulding embellishments in your living room space. You can dress this door with simple satin chrome lever handles to update it for a more modern abode.

LPD Tribeca 3 Light Reeded Glazed Black Primed Internal Door

Modern and industrial with a retro twist, the Tribeca 3 Light Reeded Glazed Internal Door will bring natural light into any modern home interior - along with added privacy and a touch of bold, contemporary style. LPD's first door to use reeded glazing, this will be a stand out in your home, accentuating any interior that melds creativity with functionality and angular design elements.

JB Kind Civic Industrial Style Black Internal Door

For pure urban-industrial appeal, the Civic by JB Kind comes with eye-catching recessed panels and a beautiful black painted finish to elevate the look of any utilitarian interior. Perfect for complimenting robust decor as well as tough, unfinished rustic wood, steel and concrete surfaces and statement-making vintage furniture pieces. A truly impactful choice for any no-frills interior.