Can I Add Or Replace Sidelights On My Current Door?

As front door features go, few are able to fill your home with natural light and create a powerful first impression quite like sidelight windows. Any homeowner will be particularly conscious of what their home entranceway "says" about their home: Is it inviting

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What Are The Best Rustic Doors? Vintage, Farmhouse, Classic Oak Doors & More

Whether you're swayed by classic countryside style and farmhouse aesthetics or tempted by the distressed appeal of a cosmetically weathered modern interior... Look no further than our rustic oak, pine, cottage-style and sliding barn doors.

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Why Are Shaker Doors So Popular?

Shaker or Shaker-style doors have been growing in stature in recent years, and it's no secret why. Inspired by the 'Shakers' of the eighteenth century who valued utilitarian living and a stripped down, minimalist lifestyle; their philosophy has since bled

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FAQ: Your Door Hinge Questions - Answered!

What size door hinges do I need? How do you adjust a door hinge? Why are my hinges squeaking? Doors only work if they have a sturdy set of hinges for a secure fitting, smooth opening and perfect closure. However, the installing and maintaining of door hinges

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In-Depth Guide To Pre-Finished, Unfinished & Primed Doors

Selecting the perfect door for your home is a significant decision, and it often starts with choosing between three primary options: pre-finished, primed and unfinished doors. Each of these door types has distinct characteristics, benefits and potential drawbacks

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Door Finishing Guide: Painting, Varnishing & Cleaning Internal Doors

From ambitious interior design projects to more practical door replacement jobs, at Door Giant our wide range of internal doors vary in style, colour and theme to suit your requirements. There is a multitude of door materials to choose from and you’ll also

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