The first name in simple, sleek and unfussy modern door design. Flush doors are a contemporary favourite known for being "the easy option" when it comes to fitting and using this type of internal door. Although they're incredibly popular and useful in a wide variety of different homes, flats and apartments, many homeowners are often faced with the dilemma of which to go for: do you choose a conventional wooden internal door or the more uncomplicated styles of a flush door?

If you're wondering what makes a flush door different from the rest, it's time to understand what goes into making one. Flush doors have a more pared back construction compared to standard internal doors. They have been reduced down to basic elements including a basic timber framed construction covered in a thin timber veneer that has all the look and appeal of an attractive, solid core wooden door but with a lightweight feel.

Although there's no substitute for using a solid timber internal door - most of the time - there are an abundance of benefits and advantages to hanging a flush interior door in your home. From achieving an appealing real-wood look on a budget to speeding up installation times and meeting the requirements of closet, bathroom and bedroom door jobs. Flush doors are a versatile do-it-all choice for scenarios where the look and style of a door is more important than sturdiness, soundproofing or genuine solid wood quality.

So, what are the most appealing advantages of using a flush door in your next project?

In our latest blog, Door Giant will give you the perfect way in to understanding what makes flush doors a truly desirable choice for your home, from some of the most trusted, reliable brands including JB Kind and LPD Doors that are guaranteed to deliver in your next project.

#1. Cost-effective - flush doors are simpler in design and less expensive to manufacture which makes them an extremely affordable option for your home. Whether you need a quick replacement door, you're limited by budget or your project doesn't require a door to fulfil a more solid or robust function, a flush door could be your best option.

#2. Easy to install - the lightweight feel and more simplistic hollow core timber frame construction means that flush doors are incredibly simple to hang and fit with your chosen door hardware and accessories. Whereas weighty solid core doors can require a more time and labour-intensive installation process, the less substantial core construction of flush doors is a joy to work with.

#3. Beautiful visual appeal - many of our flush doors available at Door Giant are made using a premium quality real oak veneer which provides excellent aesthetic appeal, giving you all the rich textures and grain details of a solid door at a fraction of the price. For many homeowners who are looking to achieve that natural and organic wood look in their home, flush doors come very close to giving you that stunning timber look with impressive durability to match.

#4. Low maintenance and stable - if you don't want to be constantly finishing, touching up and re-coating your doors, then our flush doors range will have something for you, thanks to their low maintenance design that won't split or degrade easily. They're also very dimensionally stable and resilient to distorting and warping under the pressure of everyday humidity and changing indoor conditions.

#5. Highly versatile - flush doors are perfect for bathrooms, bedrooms, closets, pantries, walk-in wardrobes, full height cupboard doors and even urgent replacement jobs where you need to fit a new door quickly, efficiently and cheaply.

#6. A wide range of options to choose from - discover a selection of flush doors in unique finishes, styles and designs to suit any room of your modern or classic style of home. We also offer fire rated flush doors to provide you with additional safety as well as all the aesthetic quality and practicality you'd expect from a flush door...

JB Kind Oak Veneered Flush Pre Finished Door

Made with a full timber framed construction and a stunningly detailed real oak veneer, this JB Kind Oak Veneered Flush Pre Finished Door is a great choice for any classic or contemporary home. Supplied fully finished and ready for you to hang, making the installation process even easier.

LPD White Primed Internal Flush Door

Ultra simple, stylish and versatile, this double-coat white primed door is perfect for bathrooms, closets and an array of other rooms, adapting beautifully to almost any home thanks to its sleek design. This LPD door also comes with a hollow core which makes it an easy choice that's ready to accessorise and hang.

LPD Pre-Finished Oak Flush FD30 Fire Door

If your flush door requires FD30 fire protection, the LPD Pre-Finished Oak Flush FD30 Fire Door is easy and ready to install for quick and straightforward fire safety. Not only can this door be easily fitted with your own choice of door hardware, it also comes with an appealing oak finish that will fit seamlessly into any modern home, elegant apartment or contemporary property.

LPD Hastings White Primed Internal Flush Door

A minimalist white design with bold, modern grooves, this is a truly striking twist on the flush door look. Primed and ready for a top coat of your choice, this door is wonderful for bathrooms and bedrooms alike. The clean white colour also makes it a superb choice of door for distinctive modern homes and rooms that require an injection of on-trend style.