Whether you're swayed by classic countryside style and farmhouse aesthetics or tempted by the distressed appeal of a cosmetically weathered modern interior... Look no further than our rustic oak, pine, cottage-style and sliding barn doors.

Rustic decor is built on a rich foundation of natural, aged, organic and weathered materials; it oozes traditionalism without being ostentatious and exudes a cosy, inviting sense of relaxation. The warming tones of solid oak - imbued with natural wood grain detail, characterful textures, charming imperfections and tough, no-fuss authenticity - are truly timeless, suiting both classic and contemporary homes alike. Rustic decor feels more personal and handmade with a hefty quality that stands out in any room of your home.

The rustic look is also incredibly wide-ranging. It encompasses everything from the wholesome Cottagecore trend - that has taken the interior design world by storm - to the desirable qualities of coastal interiors, cabin-themed abodes and Tuscan-style beauty.

But it's not just an appealing visual style that draws people into the world of rustic living... The precise focus on solid, hard-wearing raw materials ensures you that rustic decor is made to last. Whereas inferior interior design styles will fade in their look, feel and relevance, rustic decor always endures - and even gets better looking and more enticing with age and time.

In our latest blog, Door Giant will give you our rough guide to high quality rustic interior doors from some of the most trusted brands. Browse products from XL Joinery, JB Kind and Door Giant to transform your interiors today.

XL Joinery Rustic Unfinished Solid Oak Ledged & Braced Internal Door

Make a statement with this stunning and versatile solid oak interior door to suit any modern or traditional home. Supplied unfinished and ready to paint or stain, this superior-strength and highly characterful door will suit any bedroom door, bathroom door or standard door project.

JB Kind Pre-Finished Rustic Oak 4 Panel Door

Rustic style with a touch of structured formality. This naturally knotty, rugged oak four-panel interior door features four recessed panels, a solid core construction and comes fully finished and ready to hang in any home interior.

JB Kind Rustic Oak 4 Panel Glazed Door

Melding natural light with natural style. This interior glazed door comes with all the rustic oak charm you'd come to expect from JB Kind's panelled offerings with two clear flat safety glass panels to allow light to flow between the rooms of your home. Comes fully finished and ready to install with a robust solid core construction that is built to last.

JB Kind Rustic Oak 4 Panel DX Pre-Finished Internal Door

If you like the 1930's DX style, then you'll love this beautiful 4-panel rustic door from JB Kind. Ideal for classic homes, barn conversions and period-inspired properties, this door is supplied fully finished, giving your organic door a touch of vintage style to complement any smart, traditional home.

Door Giant Knotty Pine Top Mounted Internal Sliding Barn Door

If farmhouse or cottagecore is your thing, opt for our rustic and space-saving interior door that complements a small bathroom or compact utility room perfectly. Full of rich, knotty pine texture, sliding doors are not only a practical way to maximise space, they can also be used to create an entirely new room in areas where a regular door would otherwise be unsuitable.