When it comes to cleaning standard glass surfaces, you'll be able to achieve that crystal clear, streak-free finish pretty easily. However, the complex textures, patterns and special finishes of frosted or obscure glass often require a little extra care and attention.

Obscure glass is a general term that describes any types of glass that blurs or reduces your ability the see through the glass; providing you with enough natural light while still giving you the privacy needed for office doors, bathrooms, bedrooms and front doors. This type of view-reducing glass is created using different methods such as acid etching or sandblasting to create attractive patterns or translucent blurring effects. Obscure glass is also used as an aesthetic design choice, adding a hint of modernism and muted lighting to your property.

Due to the manufacturing methods and the resulting finish, obscure glass requires a bit of TLC to avoid scratching or chemically damaging the surface. Obscure glass can also be a magnet for dust, grease and fingerprints, making it a bit of a chore to clean... So if you're looking to keep your obscure glass surfaces looking immaculate - you've come to the right place!

At Door Giant, we want to keep your obscure glass doors looking as good as the day you bought them. So to help you out, we're going to shed some light on the very best ways to clean and care for your privacy glass over the course of its lifespan.

#1. You Can Use Generic Window Cleaners - But Take Care

Regular shop-bought window and glass cleaners are fine for using on obscure glass, providing they're not ammonia or alkaline-based. The reason is that these two components - usually found in bleach cleaners - are too harsh and corrosive for frosted glass. Similarly, you should absolutely avoid any heavy duty cleaners or variations that use mineral particle abrasion or similar techniques to clean surfaces.

You should also stay away from anything on the supermarket shelf that is citrus-based - these cleaners are not only ineffective but could also damage the surface of your privacy glass.

#2. Warm Water & Precise Cleaning

Warm water and a soft cleaning cloth or sponge will be effective on grease, dust and similar smudges typically found on obscure glass surfaces. You can also add a little window cleaner or soap to the water - providing it's not too harsh. You'll want to make sure that you're accurate when using this cleaning method, as getting your entire door dripping wet won't be good for the paint finishes or the wood fibres, particularly in the case of internal doors.

When cleaning with warm water or a suitable window cleaner, using a lint-free microfibre cloth will be preferable over kitchen towels, as the latter will leave tiny unsightly paper fibres on your glass surfaces.

#3. Old Fashioned Vinegar

Mix 1 part vinegar to 10 parts warm water and decant into a spray bottle to take advantage of this natural, time-honoured cleaning hack. A vinegar solution is great for cutting through grease, which is the most stubborn and obvious type of stain you'll encounter on your obscure glass surfaces. Spraying the vinegar solution and wiping down with a microfibre cloth will render the best results.

What Privacy Glass Door Options Do We Offer?

Browse our high quality and practical range of obscure and frosted glazed doors at Door Giant, including traditional and modern privacy door styles to suit any room in your home, office or similar property. We offer the best obscure glazed doors from trusted brands including Crystal and LPD.

Traditional Knotty Pine 15 Light Obscure Glazed Door

Perfect for rustic homes and traditional country cottages, this classic solid knotty pine internal door will add the perfect authentic finish to your abode. Features obscure glazed toughened glass, this classic internal door comes unpainted and ready for you to apply your chosen finish.

LPD Harrow Frosted Glazed Hardwood Front Door

A curved and contemporary frosted glass design with stylish sweeping panels make up the Harrow Frosted Glazed Hardwood Front Door from LPD. Not only does it come with a distinctive, modern and unique style, it's also unfinished so you can apply your coating of choice at home.

LPD Mayfair 2 Panel White Primed 2 Light Frosted Glazed Internal Door

This beautiful Victorian-style internal door from LPD comes with eye-catching frosted glazing and subtle ornate details to give it character. Primed and ready for your finish, this internal door will look brilliant in modern and traditional homes alike, adding character, flair and much needed privacy.

Crystal Grey uPVC Full Glass Obscure Glazed Single External Door

Sleek, modern and versatile, this durable and low maintenance uPVC door from Crystal comes with a high security locking system as standard and a large obscure privacy glazing panel that is versatile enought to suit a whole host of rooms and aesthetic requirements.