When it comes to choosing internal doors for your home, there will be an important decision to make. Do you choose a door that has been pre-finished or unfinished?

There are benefits attached to both types of door, so we have put together a quick guide to help narrow down which one is best for you.

What is a prefinished door?

A prefinished door has been painted, or waxed before you have it delivered to your home, usually at a factory level. At Door Giant we offer both white primed (ready to paint) and pre-finished door options. Our pre-finished doors are finished in a fine satin lacquer which is applied in our factory.

What is an unfinished door?

An unfinished door will arrive at your home without any paint, wax or varnish applied. It may require some light sanding and preparation before you add your chosen finish.

What are the benefits of a prefinished door?

  • You can save hours of time in prepping your new door, as no sanding or undercoat will be required
  • A prefinished door can simply be hung into place - you will not need to wax, varnish or paint it, so is a great time saver
  • There is no need to add multiple coats
  • There is no risk of a messy finish, as it is often hard to correct drips marks and imperfections if done by ourselves at home
  • You will save money on needing to purchase materials to sand, varnish or paint your new door
  • The door will have a high quality satin finish that is applied in the factory. This finish has less shine than gloss but more than you would find with a matt finish.
  • Your door will have a superior professional finish
  • A prefinished door can be more durable due to several factory applied coats

What are the benefits of an unfinished door?

  • You will be able to choose the exact colour and finish for your door
  • It may save you costs at a factory level - but remember you will need to purchase and apply the materials yourself which can be expensive
  • If you have the time and patience to do the job yourself, then the finished result can be quite rewarding

Your decision will really come down to the amount of time, effort and money that you are prepared to put into your new door. It will depend on how hands-on you would like to be and if you feel you have the skills to go it alone, or prefer to simply order your door and then fit it straight into place.

Why choose a door from Door Giant?

  • Our range of oak veneer doors have been crafted using materials that have been sourced in line with government policies, ensuring that they will not harm the environment.
  • We only use grade 'A' American white oak veneers to ensure the best quality finish.
  • There is a tested engineered core construction under the veneer that guarantees stability and high performance in all conditions.
  • They will internally control moisture levels to help avoid warping and splitting.
  • A lipping of 11mm on each door allows 5mm to be taken off during installation.
  • We do not mix different types of wood, ensuring a high quality finish.