The Shaker style is a popular design choice in many homes, bringing together simplicity and functionality, with the use of clean lines to achieve a timeless appeal. 

Where did the Shaker style originate?

This style takes its name from the United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Coming, also known as The Shakers, a term used for a religious sect in 1793 England. Members believed in leading a minimalist life, with only simple furniture in their homes that would be light and easy to move around to make space for dancing. This became its own style of interior design, with the Shaker theme of practicality, without decoration, but with detailed precision. 

How has the Shaker style evolved?

Whereas original Shaker furniture was made from one type of inexpensive wood such as pine, modern day Shaker products are crafted with a mixture. The style has remained sleek and minimalist, with simple lines and humble features. Back when it was established, furniture would be left untreated in order to focus on its natural state, but these days staining or painting the items is more common.

The Shaker style is very traditional, but has been brought into the modern day with simple touches that will allow you to enjoy the best of both.

How can I bring the Shaker style into my home?

A Shaker door from our collection will offer a clean, modern and minimalist entrance into each room of your contemporary home. With no profiles and a simple design, these beautiful doors are incredibly pleasing to the eye and will remain timeless even if your décor changes.

Crafted with only the highest quality materials, our Shaker doors will always look great in your home, retaining their traditional, simple finish in keeping with the minimalist theme. We ensure that our doors have the highest quality finish by using only grade 'A' American white oak veneers.

Underneath this veneer we use a tried and tested engineered core construction, which will ensure long-lasting stability and high performance in any environment, such as when exposed to cool air, moisture and central heating. With this we are able to control the moisture levels inside the door, preventing it from warping or splitting over the years.

Our glazed shaker doors are perfect for providing extra light for any dull room or between two spaces. We only use tempered safety glass in our doors, which means that should an accident happen it will shatter, rather than breaking into harmful shards.

Each door in our collection can be finished in such a way to suit the style of your home, whether it's with paint, oil, varnish or left in its natural state. They are available in a range of sizes too, so you can choose whichever is perfect for your door frame, with the option of trimming it down if you need to.

Once you have your new shaker door in place, finish the look with a piece of stylish hardware from our range.