A new door is often the finishing touch to a newly decorated room, so in a moment of excitement it is very tempting to guess the size needed without measuring the area properly. 

Receiving an incorrectly sized door can be very disappointing and costly, so this blog aims to take you through the measuring process step by step, in order for you to choose a fabulous door that fits the space perfectly.

Measure the width of your doorway

In order to get as accurate a fit as possible, measure the doorway in three different places. This should be at the very top, in the middle and just above floor level. You may find that there is a slight difference between the top and bottom of the frame, in which case you should use the shortest measurement. 

Measure the height of your doorway

Following the same process, measure the height of the doorway in three places; to the left, the right and in the centre. In older houses there will often be a slight difference in the size of the frame, in which case you need to make sure that the new door will fit the smallest space. If you find that there is a large variation between the measurements, it may be that you will need to replace the door frame or at least realign it before you fit your door.

Measure the thickness of your door frame

This is especially important if you are buying a new door and keeping the existing door frame. Simply run your tape measure along the edge of the door that you are replacing for an accurate reading, or measure the door frame itself from the inside to the outside.

Double check your measurements

It is important to repeat these measurements to make sure that you have taken them correctly. It will save you time and money in the long run than if you find that your new door does not fit accurately, so time spent at the beginning of the process will be more than worth it.

Now that you have your accurate measurements, it's time to choose your fantastic new door!