Creating a tranquil, stylish and private bathroom space usually begins with all the interior fittings and furnishings. But after you've installed your luxurious walk-in shower, scintillating chrome taps and a high quality counter-top, how exactly do you choose a bathroom door?

Bathroom doors are often overlooked, and at the very least, considered to be an afterthought in many new or refurbishment bathroom projects. Sometimes bathroom doors are barely considered at all with many taking an any-door-will-do approach to their latest home investment. However, there are a few vital factors to consider, including: door type and style, material finish and the overall size of your bathroom space.

You can also consider purchasing door handles, door knobs and similar accessories to complement any modern or traditional bathroom. But in Door Giant's latest blog, we're going to side-step hardware and focus our attention on exactly what type of door is right for your bathroom.

Discover which doors you need to tackle the most problematic elements that any homeowner faces when fitting brand new bathroom or renovating an old one; from excess moisture and humidity to poor lighting and cramped or complex bathroom shapes and even budgetary limitations. We've handpicked some of the very best doors that Door Giant has to offer, from trusted brands LPD, JB Kind and more...

Internal Oak Doors

The most durable, versatile and attractive choice for your bathroom will likely be a solid oak door or an internal door with a high quality oak veneer. If you're not looking to cut any corners in your project - from an aesthetic or a budgetary standpoint - then we'd opt for something like the LPD Traditional 4 Panel Flat Panel Unfinished Oak Solid Internal Door or the Door Giant Cottage-Style Oak Veneer 5 Panel Unfinished Internal Door.

By choosing an oak door, you'll not only enjoy all the rich, natural splendour of real wood, you'll also avoid issues such as warping, bending and distorting, which can can occur in high humidity or moisture-prone areas of your home. Oak doors are usually more expensive, but they're built to last - holding up well against knocks, scratches, splashes from the sink or shower as well as general wear and tear. They won't show signs of damage or ageing either. Veneered oak doors and solid or engineered core doors are great if you want to retain some of the visual and practical benefits of oak without the additional expense.

Flush Doors

This simple, sleek and uncomplicated door type is considered "the easy option" for fitting an internal door almost anywhere in your home, flat or apartment. Although nowhere near as robust as an oak door, they're deceptively stylish and will do the job for anyone wanting to achieve that real-wood look on a budget.

Cost-effective, easy to install, lightweight to handle; flush doors come in many different styles to suit your home and are great for anyone who wants to quickly and easily fit a new bathroom door without having to worry about constantly finishing, touching up and re-coating. This LPD Contemporary White Primed Internal Flush Door is a great choice for your next bathroom project and is supplied white primed and ready to paint in the top coat of your choice.

Flush doors are ideal for a closet, bathroom or bedroom door job that requires style over sturdiness and versatility over a hefty frame. If you want to learn more, check out our previous blog: What Are The Most Appealing Advantages Of Using Flush Doors?

Laminate Internal Doors

The smart yet tough exterior makes laminate doors a highly desirable choice for bathrooms. Typically fitted in modern homes and contemporary apartments, laminate doors will repel water and moisture, protect against soapy residues and shield against warping and rotting - all common complaints of anyone who loves a hot shower.

Our grey and black laminate door styles are perfect for any modern or minimalist bathroom aesthetic, including our JB Kind Tigris Lava 5 Panel Pre-Finished Grey Laminate Internal Door.

Laminate doors are also very easy to wipe down and clean without damaging their attractive surface. You'll find a wide array of styles that mimic the rich, natural detail of real wood and capture the bold, striking styles of modern home interiors.

Frosted Glazed Doors

If your bathroom is small, narrow or windowless, you can infuse the space with natural light and maintain privacy with one of our frosted glazed doors. These privacy panels also add a distinctive and decorative design element to your home, providing daylight to confined or complexly shaped bathroom interiors while creating a sense of airiness to open up the dark corners of your dimly lit bathroom space.

Although there are many frosted and obscured glazed doors on offer, you'll want to opt for door designs that provide you with the greatest opacity while also giving you the daylight you desire. The LPD Sierra Blanco Pre-Finished White 3 Light Frosted Glazed Internal Door comes with obscure glass in a slim, vertical panel configuration to ensure you get the perfect balance of discretion and design appeal.

Pocket Doors

Want to free-up your floors and save on valuable bathroom space? Sometimes, you'll be forced to maximise every square foot of space in your bathroom in order to ensure it's both usable and comfortable. However, one of the main obstacles in your way will be the inward swing radius of a door.

If you've just moved into a new home or you're changing the layout of your current bathroom, you may discover that there isn't enough clearance between your door and your sink, shower or toilet. This is where pocket doors come in...

Probably the very best space-saving solution available to you, pocket door systems slide into a recess - or pocket - made in the wall cavity, allowing you to seamlessly open and close your door without compromising on any internal bathroom space.

Installation is fast, easy and precise thanks to the Ermetika EvoKit Single Pocket Door System, reducing fitting times and labour costs. Once fitted you'll enjoy up to 10% more space in a room and solve space-related issues in ways you never thought possible.