As front door features go, few are able to fill your home with natural light and create a powerful first impression quite like sidelight windows. Any homeowner will be particularly conscious of what their home entranceway "says" about their home: Is it inviting or off-putting? Elegant or uninspired?

Sidelights - just in case you didn't know - are slim, full length, vertical windows that sit on either side of an exterior door, but can also accentuate back doors, side doors, dining room doors and any other entranceway that leads to an outdoor space.

And if you haven't seen a sidelight already, you're about to see a lot more of them as they're rising in popularity among homeowners who want to add value and visual intrigue to their property...

By integrating slim sidelight windows on either side of your front door, you'll brighten up dull and dark interior hallways and add a sense of grandeur and openness to your home exterior. Sidelights will illuminate interiors and provide the perfect viewing window for homeowners to keep an eye out for guests and home deliveries, while also allowing you to take in your garden spaces and front porch areas.

Sidelights also give the illusion of a larger and more impressive front door, which is ideal for homes that are surrounded by large front door canopies, grand pillars or big windows.

From colour finishes to different glazing options - sidelights will meld effortlessly with any modern or traditional style, enabling you to tailor your sidelight to your individual home requirements. Whether you're leaning towards ornate aesthetics with our decorative glass panels or even added privacy with our range of frosted glazed sidelights, our range will suit almost any function or visual feature you're trying to achieve.

Can I Add Sidelights To My Existing Door?

Yes. If you're keeping the front door you currently have and simply want to embellish it with surrounding sidelights, you may be able to create two voids on either side of your front door to integrate your new sidelights.

Providing you're able to cut spaces for your new sidelights into the surrounding walls - with a little help from a professional contractor - you should be able to fit your sidelights with ease. Sidelights can be easily trimmed to fit into their prepared spaces and then, before fitting, you can prime, paint and finish both sidelights before sealing them securely in place.

Can I Replace My Current Door With A New Door And Surrounding Sidelights?

As long as there's enough space to handle both the new door and the surrounding sidelights, you should be able to replace both your existing door and surrounding sidelights with the help of a professional. Owing to the large space that may need to be created, you'll have to make sure that the voids you create for your door and sidelights are not obstructed by electrical wiring, pipework or other complex elements that could be damaged in creating the new opening.

Whether you're simply adding sidelights or replacing a door and adding sidelights, a lot of the cost will depend on the material that surrounds your front door. Drywall will typically be much easier to cut into than the more complex altering of walls made of brickwork or stonework.

What Are The Different Types Of Sidelights?

There are many different types and styles of sidelights available to complement a classic or contemporary abode:

Firstly, you'll likely be choosing either an unfinished sidelight, which can be painted and treated according to your exact requirements, or alternatively, a fully-finished sidelight that's painted, finished and ready to fit upon delivery.

Secondly, you'll be looking at glazing - whether that be clear, frosted or decorative - to give you full view of your outdoor space, to add a layer of privacy without compromising on natural light, or even embellishing your home with a sense of the sophisticated and the ornate.

LPD Unfinished Oak Frosted Glazed Sidelight

Complete with a frosted double glazed panel and raised moulding on one side, this versatile sidelight can be finished beautifully to fit any style of home. The sleek and simple glazed panel is perfect for anyone who wants to preserve indoor privacy while suffusing their home interiors with soft, natural light.

LPD GRP Elegant White Glazed Sidelight

A traditional treat for any elegant abode, classic apartment or traditional country home, this sidelight comes complete with leaded double glazed panels and raised moulding. Perfect for creating a classic sense of stately luxury upon entering your home while also maximising on natural daylight.

LPD Pre-Finished Anthracite Grey Composite Frosted Glazed Sidelight

A must-have for modern dwellings, this GRP sidelight has been finished in on-trend anthracite grey with a frosted double-glazed panel and raised moulding. If you thought sidelights were only for traditional abodes, then think again with this cutting-edge door accessory from LPD Doors.